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Wave Washers

Are produced in spring steel. Absorbs vibrations and noice in roller bearings. Cannot be delivered in stainless steel.

One of the most important requirements for today’s electric motors is quiet running. However, totally noise-free operation can only be achieved under ideal installation conditions, which despite the high quality of the ball bearings are not economically viable in series production. Instead, we have addressed this problem and designed a product which has already proved itself millions of times over: the "Original Klee Bearing Shim".

This shim is easily able to compensate for axial tolerances of up to 1.5 mm, thus contributing to both reducing noise levels and extending the service life of the motors and their bearings. The technical maturity of the product can be seen above all in the fact that the shim developed by us has largely shaped the specification profile of DIN standard 42013. As a result, the “Original Klee Ball Bearing Shim” can count as a ground-breaking innovation in the design of small electric motors.

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